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  • Top 10: Best Baseball Movies To Get You Through the Pandemic

    Top 10: Best Baseball Movies To Get You Through the Pandemic

    Baseball is finally coming back. After a long delay to the start of the season, due to COVID-19 shutting sports down entirely, Major League Baseball is returning, with an opening day later this week. To celebrate MLB’s attempt to provide some normalcy during this trying time, we’re looking at the best baseball movies made to […] More

  • Saddest Movie Openings

    Tearjerker Poll: What are the Saddest Movie Openings From the Last 20 Years?

    Crying at the end of a movie can be easy, but what about the saddest movie openings, which are rare, and can bring the waterworks without warning? The tear ducts can be doing overtime nowadays with the tragedy of COVID-19 ravaging our world. Some of the world’s icons leaving us moment-to-moment (i.e., the late John […] More

  • tom cruise characters

    Top 10: Tom Cruise Characters

    Tom Cruise has had a long and fruitful career, spanning decades, as well as genres. While most know him as an action hero, Cruise is just as acclaimed for leading man work that doesn’t require running away from explosions. He’s at his best when given a character to really dive into and inhabit. That got […] More

  • Civil Rights Leaders

    Top 10: Best Biopics About Civil Rights Leaders

    Equality. The right to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination is a battle that has been going on for decades. Whether it’s the fight for equality for the LGBTQ+ community, the fight for voting rights, school integration, interracial marriage or basic rights for all, the fight for civil rights has been ripe for material […] More

  • mhs

    Saying Goodbye To Marist High School: My Alma Mater

    Today my alma mater, Marist High School closed its doors forever. To say Marist has meant the world to me is an understatement. High school was simultaneously the best and most difficult time of my life. Trying to figure yourself out, trying to navigate relationships, discovering and realizing your passions, and most of all building […] More

  • ACCA 1990

    ACCA 1990 Voting Opens: Is It Time for ‘Goodfellas’ to Seek Revenge?

    It’s finally here. ACCA 1990. It’s time. Our AwardsCircuit readers have been patient and with the relaunch of the site and fixing up some bugs within our registration system, our AwardsCircuit Community Awards for 1990 is now open. What do you need to know for ACCA 1990? The voting ballot has two locations. This post […] More

  • summer soundtracks

    Top 10: Summer Movie Soundtracks

    Summertime is filled with BBQs, cookouts, friends, road trips, music and lots of fun. Its a time to make cherished memories and live in the moment. Summer is also time for blockbuster movies, superheroes and big name studio projects. Usually these big budget films have more composer-focused, orchestral pieces with sweeping themes songs and swelling […] More

  • sidney lumet birthday poll header

    POLL: What Is Your Favorite Sidney Lumet Film?

    Director Sidney Lumet was a master filmmaker with over 60 directorial credits over his illustrious career. Over the course of his career, he was nominated for five Academy Awards; four nominations in Director for “12 Angry Men” (1957), “Dog Day Afternoon” (1975), “Network” (1976), and “The Verdict” (1982). His sole writing nomination came with “Prince of the City” (1981), which he shared with co-writer Jay Presson Allen in Adapted Screenplay. More

  • top10 non english netflix

    Top 10: Best Netflix Films Not in the English Language

    While most of the press surrounding Netflix Original Films is dedicated to its deals with big-name directors, the streaming service has also emerged as a beacon for world cinema. Thanks to its global reach, Netflix has provided unprecedented visibility for emerging filmmakers from around the world, through aggressive strategies like its recent push to promote […] More

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