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  • Spike Lee Directing

    Top 10: Award-Worthy Performances in a Spike Lee Movie (0 submissions)

    Spike Lee. The venerable director and sometimes controversial figure is a consummate creative who’s work is a nuanced look at the Black experience in America. But his work is much more than just a critique and magnifying glass to daily life and culture; he is a director who can bring out the best in his […] More

  • Image from the movie "God's Own Country" 2017

    Top 10: LGBTQ+ Films With Happy Endings (0 submissions)

    Films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Philadelphia,” which have received mainstream audience support and awards acclaim, highlight the trials and tribulations that LGBTQ+ people have faced. However, while those movies should be seen, those aren’t the only queer stories worth telling. While most of them have been on a smaller scale, there are plenty of LGBTQ+ […] More

  • top 10 biopics about authors keira knightley philip seymour hoffman

    Top 10: Best Movie Biopics About Authors (0 submissions)

    It’s no surprise that there is a whole subgenre of films that revolve around writers. After all, the kernel of any film comes from a screenwriter, and if you follow the proclamation of “write what you know,” it only stands to reason that they would have a unique insight into the lives of other writers. […] More

  • standingtogether

    My Take: #BlackLivesMatter And White Privilege

    To All the AwardsCircuit Readers and Followers, We are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. There has long been this feeling of “alienating” a website’s readership when talking about something as sensitive as racial inequality. There have also been feelings by readers and users themselves that “this is not what I come here […] More

  • Taron Egerton Rocketman

    Top 10: LGBTQ Movies to Stream on Pride Month

    Pride Month is a time devoted to acknowledging the 1969 Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June, and promoting queer visibility. One way of recognizing the LGBTQ+ experience is by watching films that depict people within that community. Pictures that capture various facets of the queer experience from the uneasy feeling of being […] More

  • oscar gaming pundits part 2

    WATCH: 2 Oscars 2 Trivia: Oscar Gaming with the Pundits Part 2

    THE SEQUEL: Virtual LIVE Oscars Trivia Night With Pundits and Predictors Another social distance version of “Oscar Gaming with the Pundits” where many of the industry’s top awards analysts, film critics, and bloggers, coming together to have an Oscar trivia challenge and be able to take questions from film and entertainment enthusiasts from around the […] More

  • img 2888

    Top 10: Books About Girls That Should Be Adapted

    Generations of girls have been trained throughout their childhoods to identify with the male characters in novels, because it was always rare for there to be girls in the lead roles. A vicious cycle begins, where girls read books about boys and boys read books about boys, and no one bothers to write books about […] More

  • Image from the movie "Crash"

    Six Circuit: Whose 2006 “Best Picture” Party Invite Was Stolen by ‘Crash’?

    Welcome to the forty-second entry in our Six Circuit series. The “Best Picture” outcome of 2006 goes down in history as the most upsetting, turning Paul Haggis’ intersecting race drama, “Crash,” from underdog to villain in a matter of moments. Jack Nicholson’s visibly shaken reaction upon announcing the result proved even Hollywood knows how to […] More

  • in

    Top 10: Workplace Films

    Jobs take up a huge portion of our lives, and even while we’re spending less time physically at our job sites these days, we’re certainly thinking about work as much as we ever have. Films centered on the workplace tap into a shared experience for most people: we may not all work in offices or […] More

  • dark knight heath ledger joker
    in ,

    Top 10: Billion Dollar Movies (0 submissions)

    With so much uncertainty around how the movie industry will look when we are on the other side of this worldwide event, it would surprise no one if we didn’t see any movie hit it big at the box office. Crowd-pleasing movies have moved their release dates and the cinema experience may change forever. At […] More

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